Why should I prefer Hüper Optik® films as compared to the rest?

It is true that there are a myriad of brands flooding the market today and consumers have a wide choice of window films.

However, it is crucial to note that the majority of these choices available are conventional films that have average heat rejection properties. The low prices associated with these films may be attractive, but they come with a severe compromise in performance and features.

The conventional films consist of dyed and metallised films. Major downsides of these films include poor heat rejection, discoloration and delamination within one to two years of installation. Besides the poor performance of these films, these side effects compound the problems already associated with them, such as high reflectivity and poor heat rejection.

Hüper Optik® offers a ready solution to all these woes. The multi-layers of nano-ceramics films allows it to outperform conventional films by increasing heat rejection and durability whilst lowering Visible Light Reflectance to levels unattained by conventional ceramics, providing Hüper Optik® with a strong edge over most of our competitors.

Our company believes in providing consumers with only the best quality products and we have been continuously and aggressively investing in R&D to create top-of-the-line inventions.

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