What is Ceramics?

Ceramics have a history almost as old as the human race. Today, its applications too have paralleled technological advances, with the material evolving from simple objects into high performance nanocomposites and coatings.

Its thermal stability, durability, hardness and chemical inertness have led to a widespread use in aero and astronautical engineering, high performance racing car parts and bio-medical implants.

Early adopters like, NASA’s space shuttle, have led widespread use of ceramics heat shielding properties in astronautical engineering. Commercial jet turbine engines have been aeronautically incorporated with ceramics, operating more efficiently, giving the aircraft greater range and payload for a set amount of fuel.

F1 race cars incorporate the thermal shielding capabilities of ceramics to brakes, lightweight body panels, engine and exhaust manifolds, which allow punishing heatloads to be endured in the extreme performance of F1 racing.

In medicine, the field of bioceramics is seeing the benefits of the extreme durability, inertness and hardness of ceramic coatings to be incorporated in dentistry to orthopedics.

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