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Clear Shield and Security Multilayered Ceramic Window Films

Security Smart Films provide protection, well being, and comfort from the uncertain. They protect against natural catastrophes, hurricanes, explosions, bomb blasts, vandalism, burglary, glass breakage and turbulent weather. This film minimizes the glass-shattering effect, maximizing security and safety from burglaries and vandalism. Security films provide protection while permitting a clear appearance with the sun's natural light.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can strike in an instant. Turbulent weather is a part of our lives. Hüper Optik Security 008 film helps to prevent glass from shattering by holding the glass together, which provides protection from sharp shattered glass pieces as well as flying glass. Turbulent weather can damage your home as well as harm pedestrians. Hüper Optik Security 008 film provides protection from shattered and flying glass.

Burglary Invasions

Burglary is common in this day and age and many thieves find entrances through windows into your home, buildings or even automobiles. Access is gained by breaking through windows. With Security 008 film, burglary is deterred because the glass will break but not shatter leaving them looking at a "spider web" of broken glass will not permit them to enter through the window, slowing down and even stopping their burglary efforts.

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