Best Protection for Your Best Investments

Best Protection for Your Best Investments

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Your home, office car or boat is definitely some of the major investments you have made. Thus, you want the best protection for these investments you have. Ace Glass Tinting Hawaii is here to answer all your protection needs. Using Hüper Optik Window Films, these are proven and effective to bring an incomparable protection that other manufacture cannot give.

Ace Glass Tinting Hawaii only utilizes Hüper Optik Window Film. You can enjoy great benefits using these revolutionary window films. Unlike other tints, it does not fade because it does not contain additives or dyes. You can comfortably hold your steering wheel and sit on leather seat after exposing your car under the sun for several hours without feeling the heat. And unlike other metallic-based tints, it does not hamper with GPS, Bluetooth or radio signal. Finally, we provide a ten-year warranty on all Hüper Optik Window Film.

Using Hüper Optik, Ace Glass tinting Hawaii can provide energy savings giving tax incentives to home and business owners for energy efficiency investment. For your home, it is a wise choice for your residential solar control solution. Hüper Optik Window Film takes its pride on its nanotechnology window films exceeding your expectations with their superior performance for your boat, office or car, assured of the quality, performance and service.
So, don’t settle for anything less, for supreme protection of your hard-earned investments, try Ace Glass Tinting Hawaii. After all, we won’t be known as Hawaii's premiere automotive, residential, commercial, marine and security window tinting specialist, using Huper Optik Window Film, for 

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