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Hüper Optik® makes a big splash in the marine industry with its nano-ceramic films. The films exceptional durability for use in the harshest marine and coastal environments is attributable to the stable non-reactive coating that does not succumb to demetallisation nor fading. In addition to superior Infra-Red heat rejection and Ultra Violet shielding properties, the nano-ceramic based films do not interfere with state-of-the-art navigational and communication systems on board ships. The muted reflectivity of these nano-ceramic films, unlike highly mirror-like films, also mean a clearer navigation view out, both day and night while out at sea.
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Cool Comfort

• High Infra Red heat rejection of up to 96%
• Vessel interior temperature is cooled by 5 to 10 degree Celsius
• Reduces glare and fatigue thus enhancing navigational comfort

German Protection

• High Ultra Violet rejection exceeding 99%
• Protects crew/passengers from the sun’s harmful radiation
• Extends lifespan of interior upholstery with fade protection
• Improves shatter-resistance of windscreens
• Does not interfere with vessel’s navigational and communication systems

Superb Durability

• 100% dye-free and metal-free; no discolouration and demetallisation
• Tested for UV degradation beyond the expected life cycle of both conventional dyed and metallic films.
• 10-year product warranty coverage*

Classic Aesthetics

• Enhances overall aesthetics with soft natural shade that exudes a sense of European luxury
• No garish metallic or shiny looks that distort other vessels out at sea
• Low “mirror-like” effects, providing a clearer view

Energy Savings

• Significant heat reduction lowers cooling load of air-conditioning and fuel consumption
• Prolongs lifespan of air-conditioning compressor and reduces replacement costs

Professional Installation

• Committed in providing professional service and quality film installation
• Meeting customer’s requirements for optimal solar control solutions

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